Oh My Gooey Goodness…

Who doesn’t love a gooey s’mores over an open fire? 

Did you know you can do this at Generations Park?! Generations Park has prepackaged s’mores kits to roast over the fire tables. There are 2 types of s’mores kits to choose from. The classic Hershey bar is always a good choice, but we also have the latest and greatest creation-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup kits! If you like Reese’s, you are in for a treat with this delicious gooey combination while enjoying a the warmth of fire table outside at Generations Park. One s’more’s kit comes with enough supplies for two s’mores and is only $3.00.  You could share one…but you probably won’t want to!

Whether you are skating or just watching friends and family, you can always enjoy our fire tables.  The black mats around the rink make it possible for skaters to relax by the fire to warm up and treat themselves to a s’more’s during their skate session. 

Next time you are ice skating at Generations Park, don’t forget to purchase your s’mores kit at the skate room and tell us what you think! 

As always, you can find the latest hours and purchase tickets for skate sessions on our website.  

[Alas, with the combined effects of COVID-19 and today’s snowfall, we have had to close Gen Park today, January 31.  Make plans to see us tomorrow!]

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