Sipe Sponsors 2021

Please say thanks to our 2021 Live Performance sponsors!  Without the support of our community, we would not be able to bring such high quality entertainment to Bridgewater or have such a vibrant arts community in our small town.

Art and culture lifts us up. There is a reason live arts have persisted for centuries, even well into the digital age of on-demand streaming. Sure, they provide entertainment, but the arts give us more than that.  Arts give us space to grieve when we need it, space to laugh when we need it.  In the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, live arts give us something to look forward to after a very long year. The arts allow us to share joy with one another, view the world from another’s perspective, briefly live into someone else’s story.  There is something special, even transcendent, that happens when we share a live arts experience with one another, sitting in a theater full of friends and strangers, some special magic that cannot be measured by graphs and charts—something a digital experience just cannot give us. 

Beyond the humanitarian benefits of live arts, a vibrant arts scene is also great for the economy!  Folks coming to see a live performance spend their money at local businesses.  They go shopping at one of our locally owned and unique businesses, eat dinner, see the show and then go out for dessert.  Businesses interested in new locations and visionary entrepreneurs see a lively arts scene and know that there is a lot more happening in town and are drawn to Bridgewater. Having a state of the art facility like Sipe Center brings new life, vision and excitement into town, encouraging economic growth.

So please, give a special thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting the 2021 season at Sipe Center.  You can view a list of sponsors on our webpage.

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