Roscoe Burgess Riverwalk Dedication

If you have lived in town for a while, you know that Roscoe Burgess was a legend in Bridgewater.  He was elected to Town Council six times, and often he was at the top of the ticket.  In a place known for producing good baseball players, he was a great baseball player.  Roscoe couldn’t walk anywhere, because he was constantly stopped by people who wanted to chat.

From this description, it would be easy to picture Roscoe as a swaggering small-town celebrity, like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Roscoe was humble to his bones, and instead of carrying swagger, he carried grace.  Roscoe loved and uplifted everyone he knew—and he knew the whole town.

One of the best things about Bridgewater is how close we are as a people.  No one is more responsible for that closeness than Roscoe Burgess.  Please join us as we dedicate our fabulous new Riverwalk to him on Sunday, May 16, at 2:00 pm, in Seven Bridges Park.  Parking might be tight, so walk if you can.

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