On Popcorn, He Dined (Found on Rewind)

We noticed that WWRE, Rewind 105.1, is officially licensed in Bridgewater, and we decided to build off of that. Obviously, the station says that it is from “Bridgewater/Harrisonburg” every hour, but now you will also hear about 35 ads per week for businesses in Bridgewater. We’re sponsoring the commercials for our businesses, along with some other announcements.

Local businesses just send us their scripts, and on a rotating monthly basis, we send them to the station. For August, the businesses are 

  • PrePOPsterous, 
  • Cracked Pillar, 
  • Bridgewater Garage, and 
  • Renew Boutique.

For a taste, you can listen to the awesome PrePOPsterous ad here. If you would like your business to be represented, just contact Gwen Gottfried.

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