Backstage at Sipe Center

Every performing arts center needs a dressing room backstage.  Not that we like to brag, but the green room at Sipe Center is really nice (it’s even painted a lovely, calming shade of green!) Performers often compliment us on how comfortable our backstage set up is. 

One of the fun features of our green room is the performer wall!  Since our grand opening in 2019 (and grand re-opening this year!) all performers have autographed this wall.  The Atlantic City Boys and Jonathan Burns have even signed twice.  Some performers give us little mementos or leave behind set lists and we keep those.  One day the wall will be filled up with performer autographs and remind us of the beginning days here at Sipe Center. 

Fan favorite Jessica Sherr (aka Bette Davis) is the most recent guest to sign the performer wall at Sipe Center.

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