A Sipe Center Thank You

Sipe Center could not bring such high quality entertainment to Bridgewater without the support of our community and many generous sponsors.  You can find a listing of all of our sponsors here, but we wanted to take the time to thank our generous meals sponsor in this post!

Your Dinner has been generously feeding all of our performers this year!  When touring, artists don’t always eat the healthiest or best tasting food.  But when they come to Bridgewater, they are treated to the best!  Our performers have been grateful and full of praise for the delicious food from Your Dinner.

You can stop by Your Dinner at the North River Marketplace (400 North Main Street in Bridgewater) from Monday to Saturday and find many delicious meals to take home with you! They have fresh salads and regularly offer things to take and heat like meatloaf, mac and cheese, salmon, chicken and so much more! Check out their website here, and stop by the next time you need something delicious for dinner!

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