Live at Sipe: Wild World of Animals

This Friday, Sipe Center’s stage will be taken over by all types of exotic animals. Wild World of Animals is an entertaining and educational show, presenting animals born in captivity displaying natural behaviors, facilitated by an extremely knowledgeable moderator and guide. The show entails about 13 different animals ranging from reptiles, birds and mammals. The lineup is very diverse, mirroring one of the themes of the show: the importance of all animals.

The show is fast paced and has a great balance of fun and facts, which is sure to hold everyone’s attention. These animals are not pets, they still have their natural instincts, but they have no fear of humans, and so, unlike their counterparts in nature, can interact more safely with them. During the program Kemmerer stresses the importance of animals doing their jobs to keep nature working, and educates the audience to the loss of useable habitat leading to endangered species.

Tickets are still available online at, by phone (908-4208) or at the Sipe Center Box Office.

Check out this video clip below of Grant Kemmerer on The Meredith Viera show.

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