Bridgewater Businesses

You’ve probably noticed some recent efforts to boost economic growth in Bridgewater.  The word growth here may be a bit misleading.  Our goal isn’t necessarily to get bigger, rather to grow in our connection with our local business community and help them to succeed.  We know residents love living in Bridgewater because we hear that from many of you when you call to update your B-Rec card or need help finding a lost pet, but do our businesses feel the same way?

That is why we’ve begun connecting with our businesses on a regular basis by:

  • Encouraging them to participate in annual Town events such as our Race to the Bottom Labor Day 5K and Trick-or-Treat in the Park;
  • Sending out the B-Conomist, a quarterly newsletter on all things business in Bridgewater in addition to sending out smaller business updates throughout the year;
  • Visiting with business owners to better understand their views and opinions on matters that affect them;
  • Offering some fun contests (ARP Tank) and helpful grants (The BEST Program and Bridgewater’s Best Idea) in recent years;
  • Assisting with Greater Ashby Business Council (GABC) which meets once a month to provide a time for business owners in our area to work together to help their businesses thrive.  We encourage you to join us! 

Are you interested in connecting with us?  Come to February’s GABC meeting at The Cracked Pillar, February 16th at 12:00 PM or reach out to Gwen (540-908-4212 or  We look forward to hearing from you!

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