Strollers & Sneakers Returns!

As the cooler, crisp air starts to roll into Bridgewater and beautiful fall foliage is in full force, join us for the fall edition of Strollers and Sneakers! This six-week program is designed to give Town residents the opportunity to build a stronger sense of community and explore the numerous, beautiful Bridgewater parks and walking trails. What started with a goal of bringing parents, children and caregivers together has grown into a gathering of people who all enjoy walking, nature, and great company. And what pairs perfectly with lovely fall weather and great company? Coffee! We are excited to partner with Bridgewater Coffee and Sugar and Bean to have two meeting locations between 9 and 10 a.m. on Fridays to enjoy a cup of coffee or grab one for the stroll. The walk will begin at 10 a.m. at the designated locations below. All are welcome. Come early for coffee, snacks, and company—then go take a walk!  

Coffee Gathering and Walking locations:

  • Friday, September 30:  Sugar and Bean & Oakdale Park (meet at Park Shelter 1)
  • Friday, October 7:  Bridgewater Coffee & Cooks Creek Arboretum (211 Weeping Willow Lane).  Meet at the parking lot.
  • Friday, October 14:  Sugar and Bean & Wynant Park (115 East College Street).  Meet at the playground.
  • Friday, October 21:  Bridgewater Coffee & Whitelow Park (4155 Dry River Road). Meet in parking lot.
  • Friday, October 28:  Sugar and Bean & Harrison Park (301 Grove Street).  Meet at the Doug Will Tennis Center parking lot.
  • Friday, November 4:  Bridgewater Coffee & Wildwood Park (606 West Bank Street).  Meet at the parking lot.

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