Update: School Zone Speed Enforcement

As we noted in the March Current (and our “Rumor has it” post), the Town has been working with Blue Line Solutions to install photographic speed enforcement equipment in front of TA and John Wayland Elementary. The equipment installation is complete, so on Monday we will begin a 30-day period where drivers who are speeding in this school crossing zone will receive a warning. After the 30-day warning period, drivers who speed 11 mph or over the posted speed limit could receive a civil penalty of $100.

Again, our objective here is not to boost revenue but to improve pedestrian safety in front of the schools. It’s also part of a larger plan to improve pedestrian safety up-and-down Main Street. You’ll see new pedestrian crosswalk signals at Oakwood Drive, Mt. Crawford Avenue, Dinkel Avenue, and College Street in the coming weeks and a new crosswalk and signals at TA this summer.

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