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Instructor, guide, and owner of SUP Shenandoah, David Verde, wants to make standup paddle boards on Valley rivers as common as kayaks, canoes, and river tubes. By offering professional lessons and guided tours, he hopes others will experience how standup paddle boarding, or SUP for short, allows a whole new freedom on the water that you can only experience standing up.

Verde, who’s full-time job is in film making, is a lifelong waterman and a true ambassador for SUP. He can be found paddling flat water or whitewater, or surfing river waves surfing year round throughout the Valley. “It’s very freeing compared to sitting in a kayak or canoe and the perspective you get from being 5-6 ft above the water is unique,” Verde says. “SUPs can be like personal-sized floating docks. Paddle some, sit some, jump off your board, check out wildlife, or just float for a bit–it’s just a lot of fun.”

As a paddle board instructor certified by the Professional Standup Paddleboard Association (PSUPA), David believes a good foundation of fundamentals and river paddling safety can help more people come to the sport. “I wanted to include personalized lessons before each trip so guests get a jumpstart for success. I’m with each group to help with the technical aspects of paddling safely, but I also help navigate water and weather conditions so everyone can focus on having fun on the water.”  

SUP Shenandoah offers group eco-tours on select weekends each month from July to September, ages 12 and up. A limited number of slots are available on Saturday, July 22 at the North River at Wildwood Park in Bridgewater. Other tours are available on sections of the South Fork of the Shenandoah near Harrisonburg, and mini-tour days on the South River in Waynesboro. All essential equipment is provided. Private lessons or tours are available by request. For more information, visit or find SUP Shenandoah on Facebook or Instagram.

Experience what’SUP on the North River in Bridgewater with SUP Shenandoah. 

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