Utility Payments

A popular request in the Treasurer’s Office is to have utility payments directly withdrawn from residents bank accounts.   We are happy to announce this is a service we can now offer our citizens!   If you would like to have an automatic draft of your utility bill, simply call our Treasurer’s Office at (540) 908-3399 to... Continue Reading →

FY24 Budget Guide

We wrapped up the FY24 Budget Guide this week and it will be arriving in mailboxes shortly. Of course, Buzz subscribers can read it now by clicking on the link below. Our public hearing for the FY24 budget will be at Sipe Center on Tuesday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m. FY24 Budget Guide

FY 22 Budget Book!

For those of you new to town, our annual budget guide attempts to present our yearly budget proposal in an understandable, lighthearted way. We received the books from the printer this morning, and they went out in today’s mail. But we figured that Buzz readers have come to expect fresh news to come to the... Continue Reading →

Bridgewater’s IDA

Some of you already know that we have an IDA – the Bridgewater Industrial Development Authority.  The IDA was created in 1975 to handle the issuance of bonds, to make loans, and to purchase real estate to help promote economic development.  Since then, the IDA has been involved in numerous bond matters that have helped... Continue Reading →

Fiscal Reserves

Historically, we have kept only a minimal reserve fund here in Bridgewater.  The thinking was that your money should stay in your pocket until we absolutely need it.  The argument still makes sense, but the world has become a more volatile place and the state has strongly suggested that local governments maintain healthy reserves.  The... Continue Reading →

The Tax That Isn’t

It's January 1, and around here that means bowl games and the unofficial start of "budget preparation season." Like most localities, we start with the real estate tax, but unlike the others, we insert a zero! (Actually we just gray it out as shown below.) You see, there is no real estate tax in Bridgewater.... Continue Reading →

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