History Buzz: Bridgewater Mfg. Co.

Occasionally, we have citizens who bring us old artifacts from Bridgewater's past. Quite often, they are photographs, much like the one you see above that we received last week. We don't really know much about the subject of the photo, other than it features a wagon with "Bridgewater Mfg. Co." painted on the side. Based... Continue Reading →

Rockingham Cooperative

Today is Rockingham Cooperative Day!  At our last Council meeting, we adopted the proclamation shown above in honor of Rockingham Cooperative’s 100th anniversary of its formation.   The Bridgewater branch of Rockingham Cooperative was established on July 5, 1927.  Their current building opened in 1938, followed by a feed building on Depot Road in 1950.... Continue Reading →

Charter Day

Today is Bridgewater’s Charter Day!  Bridgewater began as a small settlement by William Magill along the North River in 1746, a place that became known as Magill’s Ford and later Bridgeport.  On February 7, 1835, the Virginia General Assembly and Governor Littleton Waller Tazewell incorporated this community as Bridgewater.  From that original 20 acre parcel... Continue Reading →

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