Sewer Line Back Ups

We know, it's not the most appealing topic, but... We're writing with an important reminder to only flush toilet paper! Just this week, the town had a sewer pump station clog and a sewer line back up on West College Street. We all have noticed an increased demand and shortage of toilet paper as a... Continue Reading →

Rockingham Cooperative

Today is Rockingham Cooperative Day!  At our last Council meeting, we adopted the proclamation shown above in honor of Rockingham Cooperative’s 100th anniversary of its formation.   The Bridgewater branch of Rockingham Cooperative was established on July 5, 1927.  Their current building opened in 1938, followed by a feed building on Depot Road in 1950.... Continue Reading →

Bridgewater 101

Moving into a new community can be disorienting.  There just seem to be so many questions.  When will my trash be picked up?  Where do I pay my taxes?  What activities are available? We have created this short video to help those new to town—or those thinking about moving here—get acquainted with the community.  But... Continue Reading →

Bridgewater Area Food Pantry

Our local food pantry has seen a decline in participation, and they asked us to help spread the word about their service to those in need. We are glad to spread the word about services that help meet a community need.  The Bridgewater Area Inter-Church Food Pantry serves anyone in need within a 5 mile... Continue Reading →

Gen Oak Connector

An earlier post mentioned the construction of the Gen-Oak Connector.  Some folks may not know what this is, but Gen-Oak will be the construction of a sidewalk along Liberty Street and Mt. Crawford Avenue and a shared-use path into Oakdale Park.  Gen-Oak will create a pedestrian-friendly connector between Generations Park and Oakdale Park, along with... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Two years ago, Bridgewater College celebrated MLK day with a march from the Bridgewater Community Center to the Bridgewater College campus.  The march was a great success, and last year the event shifted to Oakdale Park, with several hundred members of the community and college participating.... Continue Reading →

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