National Night Out

National Night Out is a community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships. National Night Out culminates annually on the first Tuesday in August. Our police, fire, and rescue crews will be set up at Sandy Bottom Mini-Golf on August 3 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Smiley's Ice Cream and other activities will be set up for families to... Continue Reading →

National Police Week

May 9-15, 2021 is National Police Week, in which we honor the memories of American Law Enforcement Officers who gave their lives in service to the public. The Town of Bridgewater would like to honor the memory of Patrolman Wayne Byron Stoutamyer, who died tragically on May 25, 1976, while a police officer in our... Continue Reading →

Dry River Road Update

The past seven days have given us a grab bag of weather - a mix of rain and wind delayed our painting of Dry River Road. But fortunately, we were able to get the center line painted. Right now, Dry River Road probably looks pretty wide--and it is. However, remember that there will soon be... Continue Reading →

BCC Renovations

One of the reasons for building Sipe Center was to free up space in the Bridgewater Community Center (BCC) to expand the Bridgewater Police Department. With Sipe Center's opening in November 2019, the old Council room was now left unoccupied. In 2020, we worked on a design to reconfigure how we use the first floor... Continue Reading →

New Police Vehicle

You may have noticed a new police vehicle around town lately.  In December, we purchased a new 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle for the police department.  Instead of the silver paint scheme we’ve used in recent years, we changed things up with our new vehicle and used a black and white design.      We've... Continue Reading →

Hands Free VA

On January 1st, Virgina's new Hands Free law went into effect.  This prohibits use of a cell phone while driving for any reason.  This includes GPS, music, texting, emails--any handheld cell phone use is illegal while driving.  Handheld cell phone use is a primary offense, meaning police can pull you over if they see you... Continue Reading →

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