Sewer Line Back Ups

We know, it's not the most appealing topic, but... We're writing with an important reminder to only flush toilet paper! Just this week, the town had a sewer pump station clog and a sewer line back up on West College Street. We all have noticed an increased demand and shortage of toilet paper as a... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland Preparation

Winter isn’t over yet! The most recent forecast is calling for significant snow and ice beginning Wednesday night and continuing through Thursday.  Here are some helpful tips for residents preparing for winter weather.    If possible, park your car off the road. This allows for our plow trucks to clear the roads safely and efficiently.... Continue Reading →

Glass Recycling

We have had lots of requests for glass recycling, and we are so happy to announce it's coming to SBRC! On March 3, the Sandy Bottom Recycle Center will begin collecting glass.  We will be able to collect all glass bottles and jars (clear, green, blue, and brown).  We plan to hang on to the... Continue Reading →

Bridgewater’s IDA

Some of you already know that we have an IDA – the Bridgewater Industrial Development Authority.  The IDA was created in 1975 to handle the issuance of bonds, to make loans, and to purchase real estate to help promote economic development.  Since then, the IDA has been involved in numerous bond matters that have helped... Continue Reading →


Almost every week, we hear about a new grant opportunity.  Often, the grant isn’t applicable to what we’re doing.  But occasionally it is, and we devote some time to submit applications.  Not surprisingly, the complexity of the grant application usually mirrors the amount to be awarded.  But even the smallest of grant can have a... Continue Reading →

Snow Delays Trash Collection

The snow this week has delayed trash collection by one day.  Large item collection is this week and normally, we ask for items to be out by Monday morning.  However, due to the snow the crew will not begin collecting large items until Tuesday.  This gives you a little more time to place your items... Continue Reading →

Sandy Bottom Recycling

If you've been to the recycling center in the past week, you probably noticed some changes. We opened the Sandy Bottom Recycling Center in the summer of 2020, and it has grown steadily ever since and we continue to try our best to improve it.  We love to see our citizens making good use of... Continue Reading →

B-Rec Cards

B-Rec cards are typically issued at Bridgewater Community Center.  Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases, BCC is closed to the public right now.  So, what can you do about your expired B-Rec card while BCC is closed to the public?  B-Rec cards can still be renewed online by logging into your Community Pass account.... Continue Reading →

Gen Oak Connector

An earlier post mentioned the construction of the Gen-Oak Connector.  Some folks may not know what this is, but Gen-Oak will be the construction of a sidewalk along Liberty Street and Mt. Crawford Avenue and a shared-use path into Oakdale Park.  Gen-Oak will create a pedestrian-friendly connector between Generations Park and Oakdale Park, along with... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of NFIP and CRS

Most everyone is familiar with the concept of federal flood insurance:  A landowner pays a premium to the National Flood Insurance Program, and in exchange, the NFIP insures the landowner's structures against flood damage.  For a community wedged between two rivers and a creek, flood insurance is a fairly big deal. That's why Bridgewater is... Continue Reading →

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