Planting Trees & Shrubs 201

As the 2021 planting season begins, we thought it might be helpful for you to know a little bit more about regulations regarding planting trees and shrubs in your yard.  A zoning permit is only needed for Trees and shrubs planted within 12 feet of a Town street or alley;or trees planted within 8 feet... Continue Reading →

Setbacks 201

It’s important to understand setback regulations before adding on to your house or building a new home. In order to create safe and attractive neighborhoods as well as promote positive neighbor relations, Bridgewater’s Zoning Code requires houses to set back from front, rear and side property lines. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you. FAQs:... Continue Reading →

All About Fences

Project proposals for fences often comes across the Town Planner’s.  Here are a few common questions she receives regarding fences. 1.   Do I need to obtain a zoning permit to build a fence in my backyard? No.  Just avoid placing your fence in any easements. 2.  Do I need to obtain a zoning permit to... Continue Reading →

All About Accessory Structures

Phone calls and project proposal forms for accessory structures (storage buildings) come across the Town Planner's desk on an almost weekly basis. Here are a few helpful points you should know if you are thinking about erecting an accessory structure on your property: According to Bridgewater Zoning Code, new accessory structures in all residential districts:... Continue Reading →

Zoning Tips

Already planning your spring/summer projects?  Read this first!  Bridgewater residents often tell us that they drove over to Rockingham County’s Community Development Department to obtain a building permit only to learn that they first need to talk to our Town Planner.  We’d like to spare you that extra trip.  Please note that before approaching the... Continue Reading →

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