Setbacks 201

It’s important to understand setback regulations before adding on to your house or building a new home. In order to create safe and attractive neighborhoods as well as promote positive neighbor relations, Bridgewater’s Zoning Code requires houses to set back from front, rear and side property lines. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you.


1. How do I know which district I live in?

Check out our Zoning Districts Map or give our Town Planner a call (908-4212).

2. Can I place an accessory structure beyond my setback lines?

The short answer is yes, but never in the front yard. You’ll find more information on our blogpost All About Accessory Structures.

3. I live on a corner lot. Does that change things?

Yes. For dwellings located on corner lots, the side yard abutting the street shall be at least as wide as the minimum front yard depth.

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