Planting Trees & Shrubs 201

As the 2021 planting season begins, we thought it might be helpful for you to know a little bit more about regulations regarding planting trees and shrubs in your yard.  A zoning permit is only needed for

  • Trees and shrubs planted within 12 feet of a Town street or alley;
  • or trees planted within 8 feet of a property boundary with another parcel.

You can apply for a zoning permit by completing and submitting this form. Please be sure to include the type of tree or shrub, distance from the road or boundary line, and projected growth information for each planting. For trees planted near property boundaries, we must receive approval from all landowners of real property within eight feet of the proposed tree.

When considering your project proposal, the Town Planner will determine if—at any point in its expected life span—the planting will

  • Create a specific risk to Town infrastructure in or near the street; or
  • Unreasonably impair sightlines for motorists on a public street.

The following undesirable species of trees and shrubs are not to be planted or set out in Bridgewater:

  • Ailanthus, tree-of-heaven, or stinkweed (altissima);
  • Silver maple (acer saccharinum);
  • Box elder, or ashleaved maple (acer negundo); and
  • Multiflora rose (rosa multiflora).

Happy planting!!

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