Sipe News!

Sipe Center staff are all ready to re-open this Friday with the Masters of Soul performance. Tickets are sold out at our current capacity limit, and while we wish we could sell all the tickets, we are thrilled to be re-opening!  The lobby will open at 6:30 for this 7:30 performance.

We are also very excited to announce that Sipe Center performers this season will be treated to delicious meals! Your Dinner and sister companies, Mama’s Caboose and Dayton Tavern and Catering Co., are sponsoring all the performer meals during the 2021 season! While out on the road touring, performers don’t always eat the best diet, but while in Bridgewater they will be treated to delicious and healthy meals! Stop by Your Dinner (located in the North River Marketplace) or the Dayton Tavern and say thank you, and be sure to take something delicious home with you while you are there!

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