Revving Up Oakdale Park

There are two playgrounds at Oakdale Park.  The smaller of the two has been around since 1998 (all of our other playgrounds in Town have been updated within the last 15 years).  This small wooden playground structure has become dangerous due to the wood rotting and splintering.  The maintenance crew will be removing this structure next week because of the safety hazard. 

The Town will have four swing set bays installed in its place.  In addition to the swing sets, the Town will add a new piece of equipment called the Rev8 (pictured below).  The REV8 is a rotating climber that takes the Merry-Go-Round to a whole new level.  Children can push, spin, sit, run, or climb on one of the eight climbers with room for 25 children at one time! The new playground equipment will be installed the week of April 5. 

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