Pet Waste Stations

In February, we wrote about different grants that the Town applies for each year. Some grants are big - like the one we used to build Phase 1 of Riverwalk. But other grants are smaller, but nonetheless are still quite important. Case in point, we received a $3,415 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund... Continue Reading →

Riverwalk Phase II

As you know, we recently completed construction of Phase I of Riverwalk.  While we were still in the design stage of Phase I, we began applying for grants in 2018 to start Phase II.  Our first grant application was approved in 2019 but got defunded, so we applied for another grant which was approved last... Continue Reading →


Almost every week, we hear about a new grant opportunity.  Often, the grant isn’t applicable to what we’re doing.  But occasionally it is, and we devote some time to submit applications.  Not surprisingly, the complexity of the grant application usually mirrors the amount to be awarded.  But even the smallest of grant can have a... Continue Reading →

Gen Oak Connector

An earlier post mentioned the construction of the Gen-Oak Connector.  Some folks may not know what this is, but Gen-Oak will be the construction of a sidewalk along Liberty Street and Mt. Crawford Avenue and a shared-use path into Oakdale Park.  Gen-Oak will create a pedestrian-friendly connector between Generations Park and Oakdale Park, along with... Continue Reading →

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