Riverwalk Phase II

As you know, we recently completed construction of Phase I of Riverwalk.  While we were still in the design stage of Phase I, we began applying for grants in 2018 to start Phase II.  Our first grant application was approved in 2019 but got defunded, so we applied for another grant which was approved last fall.  Last week, we signed an agreement with VDOT to begin work for Phase II.

Riverwalk, Phase II will continue from the western edge of Phase I, which is Bridgeview Park.  The path will go through Bridgeview, turn and parallel West Bank Street, and end at Bridgeview’s entrance onto West Bank.  So, once completed, someone walking from West Bank Street can walk on this path and go all the way to Edgebriar Park!  

Our next step is to retain an engineer to design and develop plans for Phase II.  (We’ll likely use the same engineer we used for Phase I.)  That will take up most of 2021, so we expect construction in 2022.  We’re very pleased with how Phase I turned out and look forward to expanding Riverwalk!  

An aerial image showing the approximate location of Phase II

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