A Wildwood/Duck Island Update

As you can see, we were able to begin our dredging of the lagoon at Wildwood, just as planned.  The work is probably 70% complete, but we have paused it briefly.

With wintry precipitation either falling or predicted for the last few days, we have faced two types of weather issues.  The first is that we need crewmembers (i) to treat the roads during the day or (ii) to be on call to treat the roads overnight.  Either way, the they aren’t available for dredging duty.  The second issue is that the weather has made the Wildwood soil very soft, and big trucks and giant excavators can do a lot of damage in soft soil.

So here’s the plan:  We’re going to evaluate this on a daily basis.  If the weather and soil dry out soon, we’ll pop back in, finish the work, and be done.  Otherwise, we will try to wait, but we understand that we can’t keep the park closed forever.  At some point, we will have work in soft soil and return later to repair the damage.

We’ll keep you posted.

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