Gen Oak Connector

An earlier post mentioned the construction of the Gen-Oak Connector.  Some folks may not know what this is, but Gen-Oak will be the construction of a sidewalk along Liberty Street and Mt. Crawford Avenue and a shared-use path into Oakdale Park.  Gen-Oak will create a pedestrian-friendly connector between Generations Park and Oakdale Park, along with North River Library and adjoining businesses and residences.  The path will also install a crosswalk on Mt. Crawford Avenue at Naomi Lane to create a safer connection for residents walking or biking from the retirement community.  

We applied for and received a VDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant in October 2017.  Since federal money is involved, the process to build is a lengthy one, much like Phase I of Riverwalk.  Our engineer has just completed design work on the project, so we are hoping that this fall we can bid the project so that we can have Gen Oak completed by Spring 2022.  

The Gen-Oak Connector will make walking much safer between Generations and Oakdale Park.

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