Playstation 5, then Sipe Center Live!

The big news from Sipe Center is that our Live Performance Guide will be released on February 1. We’re thrilled with the lineup we have put together, and we think you will be too.  We have some seriously good stuff on tap.

Until then, think about reserving Sipe Center for a private event.  Renting Sipe Center is a great way to try out that new Playstation 5 you got for Christmas.  (Or that XBox Series X or Nintendo Switch, as the case may be.)  We’ll set you up with an HDMI port, and you can play for hours on Sipe Center’s giant screen.  Popcorn and soft drinks are free, so you can settle in and have fun.

Yes, this is Galaga. You probably can’t play it on a PS5, but the Town Manager is just reliving his video-game glory days from the 80’s!

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