B-Rec Cards

B-Rec cards are typically issued at Bridgewater Community Center.  Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases, BCC is closed to the public right now.  So, what can you do about your expired B-Rec card while BCC is closed to the public?  B-Rec cards can still be renewed online by logging into your Community Pass account. You can also call B-Connected (908-4212) to renew your B-Rec card.

Have you recently moved to town and need your first B-Rec card?  Right now, your ID with current address can serve as your B-Rec card at both Generations Park and Sandy Bottom Recycle Center.  We will make announcements when BCC is open to the public again.

Are you wondering what is a B-Rec card and why you would want one? B-Rec cards are your ticket to all services offered by our phenomenal Parks & Rec system. Available to those who live within the corporate limits of Bridgewater, B-Rec cards provide:  

  • FREE park shelter reservations
  • FREE access to:
    • Generations Park Ice Rink
    • Sandy Bottom Par 3 Golf Course and Mini Golf
    • Doug Will Tennis Center (You must be complete the FREE registration process on Community Pass for your card to function as a key card to enter the Tennis Facility.)
  • FREE Passport Photos at the Bridgewater Community Center (to resume when Covid allows)
  • FREE wristband for unlimited rides at Bridgewater’s Summer’s End Celebration (Labor Day)

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