Glass Recycling

We have had lots of requests for glass recycling, and we are so happy to announce it’s coming to SBRC! On March 3, the Sandy Bottom Recycle Center will begin collecting glass.  We will be able to collect all glass bottles and jars (clear, green, blue, and brown).  We plan to hang on to the glass for a while, until we have accumulated approximately 23 tons.  The glass will then be sent to Strategic Materials in Wilson, North Carolina to be recycled.   

Strategic Materials uses the recycled glass in a wide range of markets including reflective paints for highway striping, fiberglass insulation, glass abrasives, swimming pool accents, and aquarium chips.    

Recycling your glass has a big impact on the environment.  So be sure to set aside all your bottles and jars to bring to us in March!   

One ton of recycled glass saves:  

  • 42 KWh of electricity  
  • 5  gallons of oil  
  • 714.3 Btu’s of energy  
  • 2  cubic yards of landfill space  
  • 7.5 pounds of air pollutants from being released  

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