BCC Renovations

One of the reasons for building Sipe Center was to free up space in the Bridgewater Community Center (BCC) to expand the Bridgewater Police Department. With Sipe Center’s opening in November 2019, the old Council room was now left unoccupied. In 2020, we worked on a design to reconfigure how we use the first floor of the BCC. Step one of our redesign involves moving the police department into the old council room, creating a larger, more functional space. We will then renovate the old police department, creating a new area for residents to obtain services like B-Rec cards and passports. The final step of renovations will be an enlarged, redesigned treasurer’s office.

In January 2021, we began step one with the construction of the new police department. Almost all of the work has been performed by Town employees thus far, and we’re really pleased with their progress. In the video below, Town Manager Jay Litten will take you on a virtual tour of the new digs for the Bridgewater Police Department.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the new police department.

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