Golf Carts

You may have noticed a few more golf carts buzzing around Bridgewater in the last year.  In 2019, we began the process of legalizing golf cart operation throughout parts of town.  This required us to change speed limits on some of our streets and designate certain areas as golf cart zones.  Once these areas were determined, we presented to Town Council an ordinance that set the general speed limit in town to 25 mph and designated certain streets for the operation of golf carts. Town Council adopted this ordinance in February 2020, which also directed Town staff to install signage that alerts motorists of golf cart zones and golf cart operators where they are not allowed.  These signs also make it clear that drivers of golf carts on public streets must have a driver’s license. 

All of these signs have been posted, and you can find a map of Bridgewater’s golf cart zones on our website.

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