Recycling Superstar!

Meet 9-year old Alex Wheelbarger.  He comes with his grandparents, Donnie & Jane Fulk, every Wednesday to the Sandy Bottom Recycle Center to drop off recycling.  Alex has visited our recycle center over 40 times! How do we know? Because he has earned all three recycler t-shirts and was the first to earn a spot on the “Wall of Fame”, all of which required completing 40 punches on his recycler’s cards.  

You, too, can be a smart recycler like Alex. When you come to the recycle center, ask for a recycler’s card. Your first completed card wins a “Ben” t-shirt; the second a “Corey” t-shirt; the third a “Daliyah” t-shirt. After your fourth completed card, you earn a coveted spot on our Wall of Fame. Ten trips complete each card. This program is open to children ages ten and younger.

Happy recycling!!

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