Love Locks

We’re used to dealing with weighty issues, but of a different kind.  The issue here is the “love locks” starting to appear at Downrush Vista in Wildwood.  If you’re not familiar with love locks, they represent a romantic tradition begun in Serbia during World War I.  The gist of the tradition that placing a padlock on a bridge—or in our case, a platform—locks a couple together forever.  The symbolism is wonderful.

The weight of the locks is less than wonderful.  Downrush Vista is somewhat over-engineered, because we wanted it to be as safe as possible, so the dozen or so locks there now are no problem.  But portions of the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris, the bridge most associated with love locks, have collapsed from the strain, so we’re going to keep weight in mind.

We don’t want to be responsible for breaking up couples, so we have no present plans to remove the locks.  We will, however, ask our engineer to take a look at the structure every once in a while.  We only hope he can be unbiased; we have seen him and his architect wife admiring the river at Downrush Vista, so one of the locks might be his!

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