Live at Sipe: Life as Comedy

Sipe Center is excited to present Life as Comedy: When the Rock You’re Pushing Uphill Rolls Over Your Foot. This Friday’s sold out performance showcases renowned local actor Ted Swartz of Ted & Company.

Veteran comedian and actor Ted Swartz weaves monologue and story around finding humor in difficult times. What is funny and why? Is it possible to lose your sense of humor and regain it again in not-so-funny times? Ted reflects on a career that began with a hard right detour away from ministry into theater and comedy, interrupted by a suicide and interrupted again years later by a global pandemic. A hint: It includes hope and a certain amount of falling down.

Led by veteran actor and playwright, Ted Swartz, Ted & Company TheaterWorks uses humor and professional storytelling to talk about issues of faith and social justice through live shows, DVDs, digital videos, scripts, discussion guides, and more. Our team of dynamic actors and musicians are passionate about creating art that provokes both laughter and reflection, as all good comedy does.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets, we hope you enjoy Life as Comedy!

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