Second City: Guaranteed Not to Stink.

The Second City comedy troupe has delighted audiences around the world since 1942. Its alumni include Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Stephen Colbert. The performers coming to Sipe Center on October 23 will be among the best comedians in the business.

Yet none of that bears on why they won’t stink. They won’t stink because, by the time they perform, we will have installed our new our filtration system at Sipe Center. The Actors Equity Association represents Second City performers, and AEA requires that venues supply “MERV13” air filtration and “bi-polar purification.” We really didn’t want to lose Second City, and Sipe Center just received a federal grant, so we used part of the grant to upgrade our systems.

MERV13 signifies a filter which is extremely good at removing small particulate from the air. The MERV13 doesn’t quite provide operating-room filtration, but then then again, Second City will be telling jokes, not removing spleens. The bipolar purifier makes the MERV13 even better. The purifier shoots positive and negative ions into the air, charging tiny little bits of particulate and making them cling together. When two or three have clung together, the MERV13 won’t miss them very often. Moreover, those ions also tend to pull hydrogen atoms off viruses’ protective shells, rendering the viruses harmless.


Second City was the immediate impetus for installing all of this equipment. But the real reason behind it was that we want Sipe Center to be as safe as it can be. With all the ions flying around and super filters removing the bad stuff, the air will be cleaner than ever at Sipe Center. And that is really good, because you’ll need your wind as you laugh the evening away on October 23.

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