Hastings Medical Clinic

COVID-19 tests can be hard to come by right now, and we’re thankful that a new Bridgewater business is offering this service.  If you need a COVID PCR test, with next-day results, Hasting’s Healthcare at 110 North Main Street can help you out.  They also offer:

  • Walk-In clinic services or call (540-515-HEAL) for an appointment;
  • After-hours and weekend urgent care is available when you call or text the above number.  (Obviously, for serious ailments such as a heart attack or stroke–go to the ER!  ….but for just about everything else, give them a call.)
  • Full lab services through UVA; 
  • In-house Rapid Strep testing, urinalysis, COVID antibodies;
  • Cardiac Holter monitors, EKG services;
  • Prescription refills;
  • Dermatology services (skin checks, mole removal, biopsies);
  • Referrals to Medical Specialists as needed;
  • School and Sports physicals;
  • Complete Family Practice/PCP services.

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