Helping One Another

January 2022 has been a very snowy month thus far in Bridgewater. The Town of Bridgewater is fortunate to have such a hardworking maintenance team keeping the roads as safe as possible, and a top-notch police department patrolling and assisting with disabled vehicles day and night during winter weather.

Many of us experience something really special after a storm ends—neighbors coming out to help one another dig out driveways and vehicles. It’s not unusual to see personal tractors, snow plows and good old-fashioned shovels being put to good use as a service to each other. Many people believe Bridgewater is an ideal place to live because of the high safety rating, parks, restaurants, and amenities. However, what really makes Bridgewater exceptional is the community of people taking care of each other.

That’s the motto (inter se succurimus) that guides what we do as a Town every day.

*Photo submitted by Zwanzig family.

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