Blood Drive

There’s still time to sign up for the February 7 Blood Drive at Arey Hall!  We currently have seven slots available!  The slots open are listed as “Power Red” – this means they collect the red cells, but return most of the plasma and platelets to the donor.  Only those with A negative, B negative, and O blood are eligible specifically for the Power Red donations, but anyone may sign up (Just tell the technicians that you are not doing a Power Red donation.)  While the Red Cross would prefer to have as many Power Red donors as possible, in this blood shortage crisis they will take whatever people are generous enough to give!

As always, just go to the Red Cross website or download the Blood Donor app on your smartphone and join the “Bridgewater Gives!” team!  You’re also welcome to call (540) 908-4212 and have one of our staff members assist you in signing up to donate.

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