A Statement from Mayor Ted Flory

February 1, 2022, 17:53

This evening, a community of peace grieves.

Bridgewater is shocked by today’s senseless violence at Bridgewater College.  We are heartbroken by the needless injuries and loss of life.  And we are rightly angered at the evil which alighted upon us.

But even in our grief, we turn our heads and we see the goodness of humanity: police officers running toward the danger, rescue personnel rushing in, and neighbors keeping each other safe.  In this goodness, we find the strength to go forward and to offer our love to victims’ families and to the entire Bridgewater College Community.  In this moment, let us all remember how connected we are in this tiny town.

Indeed, a community of peace grieves, but let it also be said that a community of strength perseveres, and a community of love, loves.  There will be much more pain in the coming days, but I urge my fellow citizens to confront it with these three pillars of peace, strength, and love.

Mayor Ted Flory

Questions may be directed to Police Chief Phillip Read at pread@bridgewater.town

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