Disposal of Medications

We’ve had a few requests from residents about ways to dispose of old, expired, and unwanted medications.  We’ve checked around, and there really were no options locally for disposal.  Chief Read checked around as well, and he learned about a service called Medsafe. Medsafe offers a drop box that allows citizens to dispose of unwanted meds, which fill a bag inside the box.  We then ship the disposed meds in a prepaid package to Medsafe for proper destruction.  (The only cost to us is the purchase of the Medsafe disposal drop box.)

The Medsafe drop box was delivered and installed last week. It is located inside the Bridgewater Community Center, on the first floor near the back entrance.  It will be accessible to citizens during our normal weekday hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Instructions for the types of items you can dispose of in the Medsafe disposal box.

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