Icy the Elf

Our Parks Coordinator, Katie, and our Generations Park skate staff were met with quite a surprise when they opened the rink this season! An elf was sleeping in a pair of skates in the skate room, waiting for the season to begin. According to Icy, the elf in question, Santa has decided that there is just so much fun happening at Generations Park every day that he felt an elf should be present from Thanksgiving until Christmas to help keep track of everyone and see all the skaters! Icy used to visit a family every holiday season but acted up a little bit being cooped up inside–apparently, Icy prefers to be outside! Santa thought Generations Park would be the perfect place for Icy to work until Christmas since it’s outdoors, and we’ve agreed to let Icy help us out at the ice rink as long as he doesn’t get into too much mischief. We would like everyone to do us a favor and help us keep an eye on Icy because he really likes to move around. If you spot him while you’re at the rink, please be sure not to touch him but do stop by the skate counter to claim a treat!  

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