Snow Days at Sipe

Yesterday was a snow day for most kids in Town, as schools were closed due to the inclement weather. We had an idea that we thought we’d try – let’s open Sipe Center in the early afternoon and show a movie. We already had The Polar Express scheduled and licensed to be shown that evening, so we shared the news on the Buzz yesterday and opened our doors for a 1:30 p.m. showing.

It turns out our idea was a popular one – we had 73 people attend, so we’re going to try to do this when we can on future snow days. The movie studios have strict standards on licensing films, so we might not always have something on deck to show. And if the weather conditions are unsafe, we don’t want to risk harm to our guests or staff. But otherwise, we will try to give it a go and show a film.

So if we get another snow day, stay tuned to the Buzz, we’ll let you know what’s playing.

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