Rumor has it…

In this occasional series, we try to inject some facts into wild and wooly rumors which float through town and social media.

Rumor: The Town has purchased the land at 429 N. Main Street and is evicting Old Town Tire.

No and no.

We’re not going to say too much here, because we want to be respectful of everyone’s privacy.  We received word that Old Town Tire would be leaving and that the property might be for sale.  At the staff level, we are thinking about making an offer.  Nothing official can happen without Council action, though, and that action would be in open session.  

It’s no secret that we are open to buying property in that area. (See the December, 2021, Current.)  Our “Mt. Washington Connector” project is still on the table, and we continue to push Rite Aid and others to put a pharmacy in the neighborhood.

Bottom line:  We’re not the movers and shakers in all this, though we could be a possible “shakee.”

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