Update: Speed Enforcement at TA

Back in March, we wrote about the speed enforcement equipment we installed at John Wayland Elementary School and Turner Ashby High School. Our goal was to slow down traffic and make this stretch of highway safer. After a 30-day warning period, we went live on April 20.

The results over the last six weeks of the school year were very encouraging. Last fall, we did a traffic study and had 1,095 vehicles speeding (11+mph over) in the school zone during a five-day school week. Later, after the public information went out, signage, and a warning period, we had only 86 speeders in a five-day period. This equates to a 92% reduction in speeders in front of John Wayland and TA.

In the next day or two, construction will begin on the TA Crosswalk Project, which will install a pedestrian refuge and crosswalk signals, making it much safer to cross this very wide intersection.

As we ‘Strive for Zero’ in our school zones, this gets us one step closer to our goal of “Zero Crashes, Zero Injuries, and Zero Fatalities” in areas where our children are.

“I’m ecstatic that this is a safer place to walk, play, and learn!”

Chief Phillip Read

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