HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis Meet & Greet

By now, you’ve heard Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line” fame is coming to Sipe Center along with Master Hypnotist Asad Mecci. But did you know you have the chance for a VIP meet and greet? Upgrade your Hyprov ticket to an VIP Meet and Greet ticket! For an additional $50 you can get a meet & greet experience with Colin Mochrie & Asad Mecci.

The VIP Meet & Greet with Colin Mochrie and Asad Mecci includes a tote bag, a special signed poster, and of course a photo op and chance to meet the stars! There are only 13 of these spots left.

Wondering what in the world Hyprov is? Read on! HYPROV (pronounced hip-rawv) is coming to you straight from a 70-show run Off-Broadway in New York City!!  HYPROV is “hilarious and fascinating” (says Time Out New York) and is “catnip for those who relish spontaneity and informality,” (The Wall Street Journal). The New Yorker says, “say yes to HYPROV,”!  

The 100-minute live show combines hypnosis and improv – two art forms that have mystified and entertained fans, skeptics and everyone in between worldwide – for a totally unique comedy experience that The Times of London declared “a celebration of the human imagination.”  Your evening begins with World Renowned Hypnotist Asad Mecci welcoming 20 volunteers* on stage to be hypnotized. The most receptive to hypnosis then join Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it, Anyway?) to improvise the rest of the show, while hypnotized.    In the hands of two experts, and solely crafted from the volunteers’ uninhibited, unconscious minds and audience suggestions, each show is an entirely original and completely unforgettable theatrical experience.  Whether in the audience or on stage performing, get ready to have the time of your life!! 

Tickets are available for purchase online, over the phone or in person at the Sipe Center Box Office. The Box Office is open for in person sales Thursday through Sunday, from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. or by calling (540) 908-4208.

*Participation is completely voluntary 

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