Blue Envelope Program

The Bridgewater Police Department is participating in a new program called the “Blue Envelope Program.” Today’s post will explain the purpose and goals of this program and how you can participate.

So, what is the Blue Envelope Program?

Well, it’s a program that helps vehicle drivers who have conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), communication challenges, dementia, anxiety, or other conditions that might impair their ability to communicate with law enforcement. (For example, when a driver is interacting with the police following a traffic crash or during traffic stops.) Community members that have a blue envelope would hand this to the officer.

What’s in the Blue Envelope?

It contains information on the driver’s special needs and a contact person, along with a copy of their license, registration, and insurance for the officer.

What if I’m outside of Bridgewater?

If you happen to interact with an officer outside of Bridgewater, don’t worry, all law enforcement agencies in Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg have started participating in this program. Any officer in Rockingham County, Harrisonburg, or any Rockingham County town will know what the Blue Envelope is when handed to them.

Do I have to do this?

No, citizen participation is completely voluntary. But we think some folks might appreciate having this Blue Envelope for a less-stressful interaction with law enforcement.

Where can I get a Blue Envelope?

You can pick up an envelope at the Bridgewater Police Department, or if you can’t, we will be happy to deliver one to your door.

“I know during traumatic events it can be very confusing and unclear when communicating with law enforcement. I hope this program helps address the needs of citizens that have special needs and helps bond the relationship between the police and community.”

Chief Phillip Read, Bridgewater Police Department

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