Buzz 1,000

Today is the 1,000th consecutive day we have posted on the Bridgewater Buzz. While it would be silly to compare this streak to, say, Cal Ripken Jr.’s all-time record for consecutive games, we are still very pleased to have served up the latest Bridgewater news every single day these past 33 months.

Since we started on January 1, 2021, we have:

  • Published 1,056 articles
  • Added 1,012 followers
  • Been viewed by 86,376 visitors

From our very first post to our most viewed post (3,952 views if you’re wondering), our goal has been to provide you with the most accurate and timely information about Bridgewater, delivered to your inbox every day. We’ve shared a little bit about ourselves (well some of us have) through our Employee Focus. We also try to have fun with the Buzz through our Sunday Citizen Surveys and Rumor Has It features. And of course, we invented the fastest growing sport in America, and you read about it here first.

We appreciate all of you that have subscribed to the Buzz. And don’t worry, we will keep Buzzing, our streak will continue on.

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