Who’s a Good Dog (and Neighbor)?

Our community in Bridgewater has been based for generations on the kindness and support of neighbors as we seek a better life together. We all have a responsibility to one another to respect each other’s rights and try to make the lives of our neighbors better.

Recognizing this, please remember that those of us who are dog owners have an additional responsibility to ensure that our beloved canines are good neighbors as well. We are privileged to live in a town that welcomes our pets with limited regulations and offers so many safe places to take them on walks. In return, we know that we should clean up after their messes, especially in our public parks and in our neighbor’s yards.

Furthermore, at the risk of becoming excessively legalistic, our noise ordinance provides, “Noise created by a pet is the responsibility of the pet’s custodian.” We all know that dogs will bark occasionally, but we have heard reports of dogs barking for hours at a time and disturbing neighbors, especially at night. Please help your beloved friend be the best dog and neighbor he/she can be and support your neighbors in living a better life (or getting a good night’s sleep, at least).

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