A Different Kind of COVID Victim

Our hearts are saddened by the death, misery, and economic loss created by the coronavirus pandemic.  And while we focus on keeping people safe and businesses healthy, we also need to tell of a different kind of Covid loss:  things gone undone.

The wintertime surge of Covid-19 tore through our staff, leaving our short-term plans in a shambles.  For example, our entire maintenance crew was either sick or under quarantine when January’s large-item pickup period began.  Ultimately, we were able to pick up everything only a few days late, but only with some very kind and much needed help from Dayton.

We had hoped to remove “Duck Island” at Wildwood during December.  Duck Island, pictured below, is an accumulation of sediment caused by some bizarre hydraulics in the Wildwood lagoon.  Ducks seem to have embraced the silt pile, but unless we act, it will soon fill the whole lagoon.  Removing the silt is a significant job, but we had it scheduled for December.  Until the Covid spike hit us, of course.  With fingers crossed, we now plan to do the work this spring.

So please continue letting us know when you see something undone.  But for now, we’re in a bit of a bind.  Better times are ahead!

Duck Island, we hope, will be gone this spring.

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