Cell Towers That Aren’t

At its next meeting, the Council will consider a proposal to allow some cell-service antennas on Dry River Road.  One neighbor, quite understandably, has written to express concern over a cell tower in his neighborhood.

The proposal, though, isn’t for a new cell tower, but new cell antennas, which would be placed on our Dry River Road water tank.  When companies need to install additional antennas, we try to offer space on existing structures, precisely because no one wants additional towers.  (Even the service providers hate them, because they’re expensive.)

We on the staff don’t know whether the Council will be “fer or agin” this particular proposal, but we have submitted it because it could create a win-win-win:  The provider is spared the expense of a tower; citizens get better service without said tower, and the Town gets a little rent money to help pay the bills!

This is our Dry River Road water tank, with some antennas already in place.

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