Sipe Center Stage Is Even Bigger This Year!

In our Covid-shortened inaugural year, Sipe Center hosted some magnificent performances.  This year, the stage will be even bigger.  And we mean that literally.  While we were dark, we used our own crew to deepen the stage a little.  The extension looks great, and you won’t notice the extra depth unless you’re looking for it…

[Warning:  Contains sneak preview from the 2021 season.  The article was supposed to be about our bigger stage, but we used it as a springboard to talk about an upcoming act!]

…or you’re dancing on it.  We extended the stage because certain dance troupes just didn’t have enough room to perform.  With the bigger stage for 2021, we were able to attract acts such as Ballet Magnificat!  The Washington Post has written, “There is no denying the emotional power of this company.”  The Dallas Morning News wrote of their “sublime beauty [and] professionalism.”  The community will have plenty to celebrate later in 2021, and we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate with Ballet Magnificat.

We will have the company here in November for two shows.  They will be performing their version of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

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